How to Shoot Events

The first tip when doing a photography gig for an event is to make a press pass. All you need to do is print out an ID that has a PRESS PASS header plus your company name, and a clear picture so that it looks like a passport.

There is no government agency that gives badges for the press. It is the place of the event that gives out press passes. That’s why it’s important for you to have these press passes for you to get in. You’d be surprised how many events you can attend with this press pass.

The second tip is to know and research your event prior to the shoot. This way you can see if the place has any decent lighting. You can adjust the equipment that you bring based on the lighting of the place.


The third tip is to bring the right equipment. Bring a monopod with a video head on top. Make sure you have a small platform so that you don’t bump into people. You can switch out the top widget with a light or a microphone if you’re interviewing people.

Set your aperture to about 5.6 or 2.8, then the ISO at 1250 when it’s dark.

Next is to understand the etiquette of the place. If a person doesn’t want to be shot, give him or her a smile then move on. Don’t get in the way of people. Maybe wear black if the event is dark in order to really blend it to the place.