Your First Step to Photography

1-2Photography used to be a hobby for those who can afford a camera, but now with the proliferation of camera phones, virtually everyone is a photographer. However, not everyone is a good photographer. When it comes to making art, there are levels of skills and competency in each masterpiece. Like all art forms, photography follows a certain set of rules. Not all good photographs follow these rules, but for the capturing of beauty in its true form, one can stay on the safe side by following these rules.

Photography is all about preserving a moment in time in a picture. It’s time-bending if you may. It’s history captured in an image. What better way to keep memories intact than to take a picture of it? There is so much power in a single photograph. It can take you back to a time when you were happy, it can remind you of a loved one, it can serve as a piece of evidence for your cheating partner, yes, a photograph can hold that much power.

Even selfies have a way of reminding you that you once looked like the young and fresh person you once were. Or just to let you know that you can actually look like a super model at least in a photograph.

There is a difference however between taking shots and taking photographs as an art form. While the former is mainly for functional reasons, the latter is for aesthetic purposes. It’s all about the intention.

This website is all about teaching you how to capture the perfect image for you. We hope you enjoy our specially curated tips and tricks for your next photography adventure.